Agent Status

View and set time limits on agent's availability status.


Broadcast messages to fellow SmartAgent users.

App Configuration

Manage various call settings affecting agents.

Call Comprehension

Pick up Customer Sentiment and Keyword Detection on a call.

Call Details

Store data about a call

Call Recording

Record calls and drag through for quality assurance.

Call Recording Controls

Start, Pause or Resume call recording.

Chat Details

View details of customer's chat contact history.

Manage Contact Logs

Create and configure After Contact Work forms.

Historic Metrics (contact search)

Search and surface previous contacts.


View history of a customer on multiple contact channels

Internal Messaging

Allow agents to message other agents

Line Management

Configure business continuity for voice and chat

Live Monitoring

Listen in to live calls


Configure who has permissions for various features


Monitor quality of agents and configure evaluations.

QA Evaluation Status

Evaluate permission status for various features.

Queue Stats (real-time agent metrics)

Real-time view of queues and statistics

Realtime Metrics

View realtime performance of agents in your contact centre

User Management

Edit user details within SmartAgent and Connect

Audit Log

Track any changes around SmartAgent settings

Agent Assistance

Allows agents to 'raise hands' for assistance

Idle Timeout

Track any idle agent activity