Solution features that take your business further.

Explore the full range of SmartAgent's capabilities, optimize customer interactions, and boost workflow efficiency.


  • Internal messaging

    Keep SmartAgent app users connected with messaging and broadcasting:

    • Access message lists that include date ordering, message notifications and a search function
    • Send messages direct to colleagues
    • Publish announcements across the contact centre
  • Integrate with MS Teams

    Integrate SmartAgent with your back-end Teams set up, streamlining communication and speed up interactions

    • No third party apps
    • In-app Teams directory
    • Message Teams colleagues via SmartAgent
  • ID&V

    Speed up the customer experience by building identity and verification into your channels:

    • Build ID&V into any channel
    • Amazon Connect Voice ID & Amazon Lex
    • Save meaningful interactions for agents.
    • Reduce queue and handling times.
  • Quick Replies

    App users can access and send pre-composed messages to handle text-based contact

    • Fully configurable 'canned' responses
    • Agents can respond with a few clicks
    • Reduce contact handing time and agent satisfaction
  • Real time wallboards

    Access real-time data on how your contact centre is performing by viewing agent wallboards:

    • Queue and agent metrics
    • Configurable wallboard view
    • Assess and improve performance
  • Quality assurance

    Search and surface contact, recordings and transcriptions, and then evaluate and score on a single screen.

    • Works with Contact Lens
    • Self-service configuration
    • Onboard calibration
    • Works on every channel
  • Callbacks

    Give customers in queues the option to callback and reduce queue times:

    • Book via web chat or voice
    • Configure timing and limits
    • Reduce costs on queues
    • Cut queue times and improve CX


Agent Status

View and set time limits on agent's availability status.

Agents Directory

Allow users to search for agents and view status.


Broadcast messages to fellow SmartAgent users.

App Configuration

Manage various call settings affecting agents.

Audio Settings

Optionally choose an additional output devices for audio

Automated Rules

Handle contact automatically based on configurable conditions.

Call Comprehension

Pick up Customer Sentiment and Keyword Detection on a call.

Call Details

Store data about a call

Call History

Display history of calls handled by agents.

Call Recording

Record calls and drag through for quality assurance.

Call Recording Controls

Start, Pause or Resume call recording.

Call Transcription

Convert speech to text from a call and show sentiment.


Chat back and forth with customers.

Chat Details

View details of customer's chat contact history.


Direct access into Amazon Connect instance.

Manage Contact Logs

Create and configure After Contact Work forms.

Custom Messaging

Control the welcome messaging for voice channel.

Customer Inputs

Surface recorded data on customers


Checklist for customers to pass data protection criteria.

External Directory

View fellow users' Microsoft Teams status.

Historic Metrics (contact search)

Search and surface previous contacts.


View history of a customer on multiple contact channels

Internal Messaging

Allow agents to message other agents

Line Management

Configure business continuity for voice and chat

Live Monitoring

Listen in to live calls

MS Teams Directory

View MS Teams status of users

Outbound Email

Send emails quickly from agents to customers


Configure who has permissions for various features


Monitor quality of agents and configure evaluations.

QA Evaluation Status

Evaluate permission status for various features.

Queue Stats (real-time agent metrics)

Real-time view of queues and statistics

Queued Tasks

Reply to, move, end or export tasks in bulk.

Realtime Metrics

View realtime performance of agents in your contact centre

Task Details

View data related to tasks

Task History

View history of tasks handled by agents

User Management

Edit user details within SmartAgent and Connect

Welcome Messaging

Set welcome messages for voice channel

Quick Reply Management

Create and configure prepared responses for text-based contact

Audit Log

Track any changes around SmartAgent settings

Agent Assistance

Allows agents to 'raise hands' for assistance

Idle Timeout

Track any idle agent activity