Agent Status

View and set time limits on agent's availability status.

Agents Directory

Allow users to search for agents and view status.


Broadcast messages to fellow SmartAgent users.

App Configuration

Manage various call settings affecting agents.

Audio Settings

Optionally choose an additional output devices for audio

Call Transcription

Convert speech to text from a call and show sentiment.

External Directory

View fellow users' Microsoft Teams status.


View history of a customer on multiple contact channels

Internal Messaging

Allow agents to message other agents

MS Teams Directory

View MS Teams status of users

Queue Stats (real-time agent metrics)

Real-time view of queues and statistics

Queued Tasks

Reply to, move, end or export tasks in bulk.

Task Details

View data related to tasks

Task History

View history of tasks handled by agents

Quick Reply Management

Create and configure prepared responses for text-based contact