SmartAgent Embedded

Natively integrates Amazon Connect and your CRM or Service Desk software, with advanced features and smarter contact management.

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Advanced Native CTI Application for Amazon Connect

If your agents already use a Single Customer View or CRM software, SmartAgent Embedded provides native cloud telephony integration to make life better. Our app improves personalisation, drives contact centre efficiency, and supercharges your customer experience in any channel.

Integrate every contact channel.

With SmartAgent Embedded, you can unify voice, chat, email, SMS & social into your single customer view. Give your agents everything they need to deliver faster, better customer service.

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Screen-pop contact details and history 

When a new contact arrives, SmartAgent Embedded screen-pops the associated contact records in your CRM, cutting the time agents spend looking for the information they need.


End-to-end management information

Amazon Connect generates over 100 data points per contact. SmartAgent Embedded helps you make sense of them. Every element of the contact journey is captured and stored, and your agents get the context they need to resolve the enquiry faster.

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Go much deeper than CTI

Why not integrate your entire stack?

Link up your WFM tool to help agents manage their day. Add your Knowledge Base to improve their accuracy. Give them tools to handle every contact better, all within SmartAgent Embedded.


SmartAgent Desktop - Powerful & Customisable

WFM Integration for Visual Schedule & Compliance

Visual Queue & Intent Classification

Visual ID&V Confirmation, Status & Override

User Provisioning & Management

Transcription, Speech & Text Analytics (optional)

Surface All Contact Details & Context

Self-service Business Continuity & DR

SAML Single Sign On (SSO) with MFA

Outbound Omnichannel Management

Jabra Call Control & Analytics

Integrate with any API/ back-office System

Inbound Omnichannel Management

Detailed Contact History, Recordings & Metrics

Inbound Contact Recognition

Warm, Cold & Blended Call Transfer

Agent Status & Availability

Next Best Action & Agent Scripting

Agent Directory & Instant Messaging

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