Quality Assurance & Performance Management.

Assess agent performance and embed best-practice with SmartAgent QA.

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A simplified QM process.

We’ve simplified the Quality Management process for your Assessors. Search and surface contact, recordings and transcriptions, and then evaluate and score on a single screen.


Evaluate every contact channel.

Assessors can evaluate and score contact across all supported contact channels, so you get an end-to-end view of how your contact centre is performing, without the usual gaps.


Onboard calibration.

Calibration functionality enables multiple assessors to score the same contact, helping to identify discrepancies in your QM processes and ensure accuracy.


Self-service configuration.

SmartAgent QA provides fully-configurable assessment forms and scoring profiles, allowing you to develop and iterate your own QM processes, self-service.


Works with Contact Lens.

Supports data and inputs from Amazon Connect Contact Lens, providing assessors with next-level insights including transcriptions, keywords and sentiment detection.


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