Quick Replies: the rapid response tool for contact centres.

A view of quick replies feature int he smart agent desktop

Contact centres looking to improve efficiency and performance should always start by reviewing what their agents are spending the most time on. Identifying tasks that are time-consuming, repetitive and cause delays to faster contact handling is the logical first step to making your contact centre run more smoothly. 

At Mission Labs, we understand that in order to drive efficiency, you need to address the agent’s experience. Speeding up and simplifying processes is the key to helping agents give a faster service, which in turn will keep your customers happy. 

Our Quick Replies feature is one example of our solution to a problem in the agent's experience. We recognised after speaking to clients that agents need a tool to cut down on the number of times they are retyping or copying across the same response to customers. And so we designed a feature that would remove this challenge for agents, speed up text-based contact handling and make the contact centre more efficient.

Using Quick Replies. 

When agents are handling text-based contact, they can save themselves the task of composing or copy-and-pasting a whole new response for their customer by accessing prewritten text responses, or 'Quick Replies'. These will tend to be company-standard replies to common queries from customers, which agents can choose from when handling contact.  

Quick Replies are simple to search for and send from the agent’s desktop view. Any QR is editable in contact handling, so agents can personalise their response before sending it.

We've also developed the feature to allow clients to configure their own set of Quick Replies - this means all the responses available to your agents can be written the way you want them, ensuring your agents send out messages with greater accuracy, personality and consistency.

Desktop view of how to edit quick replies

All quick replies are viewable in a dashboard for contact centre administrators, who decide which Replies are available to agents, then organise them according to contact attributes and the channels they are available on. The dashboard is also super easy to use. Replies can be searched for and filtered according to various attributes, whilst 'adding Quick Replies' or managing their hierarchy just take a few clicks to manage.

The Quick Replies feature therefore makes contact handling simpler for your agents and makes your customer service more consistent and customised. We’ve given our clients complete control over what’s in your Replies and how they’re used, so that using this feature will give your CX an edge.

View of features for managing quick replies in SmartAgent

Making omnichannel even faster. 

Introducing Quick Replies to your contact handling toolkit will have a big impact on performance across your contact centre.

It will give your agents confidence that they are providing company-standard and accurate responses to customers. It will make them handle a single text-based contact faster, which over time will help them get through more contact. Fitting neatly in the intuitive SmartAgent application, the feature is easy for agents to use and reinforces SmartAgent as the ultimate agent desktop. 

This change to the agent’s experience will also directly benefit your contact centre. Speeding the contact handling process this way leads to faster first-time contact resolution and helps contact centres reduce high volume contact being directed to agents. As always, contact centre success starts with the agent and their day-to-day experience – the Quick Replies feature is yet another example of SmartAgent speeding up your contact centre, one agent task at a time. 

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