Why migrate to a Unified Cloud Communications system?

Why migrate to a Unified Cloud Communications system?

“If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it!”

Have you ever uttered those words in reply to someone saying you should update your communications system? Perhaps your contact centre team often are often grumbling at the clunkiness of the existing system, or you’re frustrated by the lack of control you have over the roadmap. But finding the time and energy to change your comms platform is difficult.

That’s where SmartAgent comes in.

What is SmartAgent?

SmartAgent, powered by Amazon Connect, is a truly unified cloud-based comms system, which allows your contact centre agents to significantly reduce the time needed for handling contact and completing unnecessary tasks. To illustrate, your team might currently need to load up a system in order to locate customer details, another system to view previous call notes and another system to begin processing an amendment or refund. The time spent tabbing between all of those screens is eliminated by introducing SmartAgent because it combines all the features a contact centre agent could possibly need into one beautiful, streamlined interface. Agents can view and access previous order details, contact notes, and all the customer’s details from one easy-to-use desktop application. And our expertise in designing and deploying Amazon Connect contact flows with reimagined IVRs and routing profiles, complemented by AI and natural language processing allows pre-agent identification of contact reasons and even the potential for contact deflection.

SmartAgent integrates with your back-office and third party systems, surfacing pertinent information for your agents, as soon as the contact arrives. And with just a single,unified interface to manage and maintain your ongoing technical roadmap is easier to deliver, whilst training for new agents is made quicker and much more straightforward. The SmartAgent app also integrates tightly with Amazon Web Services AI and ML products, allowing fast testing and ongoing innovation within contact flows and customer journeys.

So, why should I use a unified comms system?

A Unified Cloud Communications System saves your agents time. By having everything they need in one screen, you can eliminate the time that agents spend waiting for systems to load, and reduce the burden of password management. This frees your agents up and gives them time to offer better customer service on the things that matter the most. We believe that a unified comms system will become a necessity in the near future. As consumers become ever more demanding, contact centres will need to offer ever more channel coverage and speed of customer service. The only way to do this is to streamline your systems, and to give your agents the tools that they need to be able to save as much time as possible.

If you have any further questions on SmartAgent and Amazon Connect, and the benefits that we can deliver for your particular contact centre, simply get in touch today!

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