Connected – rapid implementation of Amazon Connect and SmartAgent, from the experts at Mission Labs

Mission Labs know a thing or two about implementing Amazon Connect for clients. With 6 years of experience building SmartAgent and an Amazon Connect Delivery Partner & Advanced AWS Consulting Partner status, we’re confident our expertise can help any business transform their contact centre for the better. 

And now, we can get you set up with Amazon Connect in a matter of weeks.  

Connected is a new solution from Mission Labs that provides an accelerated migration of Amazon Connect. We will offer a rapid installation, software and support service to Connected customers, ensuring they are not only fitted with Amazon Connect and our SmartAgent product, but prepared to manage it themselves, all in the space of one month for a fixed price. 

How does Connected work? 

Connected combines the cloud technology of Amazon Connect & AWS, with the powerful usability of SmartAgent, our agent desktop application. Mission Labs will implement Connect and SmartAgent for your contact centre, which includes a set of call handling and management features that make for a comprehensive contact centre experience. 

Our SmartAgent application provides a single pane of glass omnichannel agent desktop, designed to improve agent and customer experience, maximise efficiency, and reduce complexity. Connected customers will receive SmartAgent licences for their contact centre agents, along with features that can help with call control, wallboard management, internal communication and reporting.

We want to empower our clients to independently handle and develop their new cloud contact centre. Connected comes with self-service controls that give you control over your Amazon Connect set up. 

With Connected, we’ve created the perfect solution for clients hoping to shift their contact centre to the cloud, and quickly. For a smooth migration, greater autonomy over your solution and an improved contact centre in every way, this is the ultimate CCaaS offering for your company. 

What’s included? 

Connected customers will receive a bunch of “out of the box” features for Amazon Connect and SmartAgent, designed to give you the most efficient cloud contact centre in the shortest amount of time.

The experts at Mission Labs use 10 Configuration Days to get you set up with SmartAgent and Connect, ensuring it meets your requirements and that you’re ready to self-service your new cloud contact centre. Connected customers can expect to be live with their product after about a month, however we also offer specialist technical support and proactive monitoring so your questions can be answered any time. 

Get Connected today. 

We’re sure Connected will be the solution to boost your contact centre’s performance. For a fast configuration of SmartAgent and Amazon Connect, you can contact us directly or sign up through the AWS Marketplace. 

If you think you’d like to learn more about what we do before committing to anything, you can always book a demo! 

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