Features to transform your contact centre in 2022!

Desktop view of SmartAgent chat platform

SmartAgent remains one of the most innovative products in the contact centre market. Powered by Amazon Connect and a host of intelligent AWS tools, the SmartAgent desktop application transforms our clients’ contact centres to become more efficient and better performing.

We are always adding new features to SmartAgent designed to help clients overcome fresh challenges and give their contact centre an edge. 2021 saw us develop a tonne of application updates to make life easier for agents and improve customer experience. Here we dive into the best recent features that make SmartAgent the only application your agents will need for 2022 and beyond. 

Chat platform.

Desktop view of SmartAgent chat platform

What is it? 

Many of our clients have introduced chat as part of their omnichannel offering, to provide better customer service in line with consumer expectations.  

SmartAgent comes with chat functionality that allows agents to respond to messages from your customers within the SmartAgent app. You can integrate with WhatsApp, SMS, Facebook messenger or any third-party chat tool used, so chat contact is surfaced for agents within their desktop view. This allows you to support all your customers’ contact options through SmartAgent. 

Why do contact centres need it? 

Our chat platform is certain to make your agents’ lives easier, which will help to elevate their performance. We believe that agents with better management of their work will be happier and achieve more, which is the key to a successful contact centre. 

Over the past year we have developed SmartAgent chat so that it not only fits the demands of our clients through multiple integrations but has the user-friendliness and functionality to make contact handling simpler and faster. Chat contacts can be handled through a screen view, with customer information visible thanks to CRM and directory integrations. Agents can handle multiple chat contacts at one time and even handle them in bulk, making for a seamless and efficient approach to contact handling. 

MS Teams Integration.

Desktop view of MS Teams feature

What is it? 

Since the pandemic started, more and more companies have been turning to Microsoft Teams as a robust business comms solution. Many of our clients are relying on the messaging and call handling tools that Teams provides, ensuring their colleagues stay connected throughout the workday. 

Now, clients can integrate SmartAgent with their back-end Teams set up. This powerful feature allows SmartAgent app users to keep working within the app, whilst accessing information from Teams, streamlining their communication channels and quickening interactions. 

Why do contact centres need it? 

This new feature is a must-have for any contact centre that uses Teams.  

The integration ensures agents can communicate faster and stay better connected. Our in-app search directory allows users to see their colleagues’ Teams status and contact details, whilst also allowing them to call selected colleagues from the SmartAgent desktop view. This makes it easier to escalate and question-solve, creating an even quicker contact centre with a higher rate of resolutions. 

Internal messaging and announcements.

Desktop view of announcements feature

What is it? 

Throughout the pandemic, we worked on ways to make contact centres continue to run smoothly despite challenging times. We’ve been conscious of the difficulties posed by having agents based remotely and what that means for internal communication. 

To improve contact centre communication, we developed an internal messaging and announcements feature. This provides users with message lists with date ordering, new message notifications in the app and a search function, so colleagues can type and send messages to each other. Announcements can be sent out across the contact centre, appearing in the SmartAgent view and allowing important information to be sent to more people in less time. 

Why do contact centres need it? 

Whether your workforce is remote based or in multiple locations, a successful contact centre relies on good communication between colleagues, their supervisors, and across the team.  

We understand the need for urgent messages to be shared across a contact centre, so have ensured our SmartAgent app can accommodate this. With our enhanced functionality features, the internal messaging and broadcast features will not just allow essential communication across teams, but can do even more than traditional internal channels like email and employee experience tools.

Quick replies.

Desktop view of Quick Replies feature

What is it? 

When your agents provide a faster service, more contact is resolved, and more customers are satisfied. 

SmartAgent now comes with a Quick Replies feature, which gives users quick access to pre-composed, or 'canned' responses for text-based contact. This user-friendly feature means agents can respond with a few clicks and worry less about words, dramatically reducing their contact handing time and helping them to help more customers. 

Why do contact centres need it? 

As the name suggests, our Quick Replies feature will help agents work faster. By simplifying how they respond to customers, agents will be able to get through more contacts and reduce time spent typing the same responses, over and over. This feature will not only improve the agent’s day to day experience, but also their rate of working. 

Clients who set up Quick Replies can also self-configure the replies they use – if you have specific text you like to use for contact handling, this can be set up by an admin and managed by clients themselves. The flexibility of this feature therefore enables clients to greater influence text-based conversations and provide a faster, more personalised customer service. 

Transform your contact centre, today.

To feel the benefits of these features and much more, you can book a demo with the Mission Labs team and experience SmartAgent for yourself. Our 2022 updates are sure to make a significant difference to your contact centre, your agents' happiness, and even to your company's outcomes.

We're always improving SmartAgent and adding new features to the app - make sure you don't get left behind and transform your contact centre with SmartAgent, today.

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