Managing social media contact, with SmartAgent.

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For a growing number of consumers, social media is more than a means to connect with friends and influencers. It’s an increasingly popular option for contacting brands and businesses, becoming one of the most used contact channels for customers due to its convenience and richer content options. 

Future-thinking businesses today must consider social in their contact centre's omnichannel structure. A professional and prompt customer service on social media can play a huge role in brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, especially if there's a chance customers will raise issues with you publicly on their socials. 

SmartAgent comes with the tools your agents need to handle customer contact effectively and provide a quality service. With the potential to integrate your Facebook and Twitter profiles, SmartAgent can help you meet modern customer expectations and turn your social channels into successful customer touchpoints.

Prepare your contact centre for social.

Different businesses have their own audiences, with their own social media preferences. But no matter which social network is popular with your audience, they’ll want to connect with you through it. 

With 80% of Instagrammers using the platform to research products and services, Instagram has become a vital space to engage customers and provide excellent service. Thanks to comment sections and direct message features, brands and businesses offer plenty of opportunity for customers to reach out and engage with them.  

Facebook messages and page comments provide the same function for Facebook users. Still the number 1 social network in the world, it is vital that companies have visibility of their customers’ communication with them on Facebook through direct messages and comments.  

Behind Facebook, Twitter is the most used social network for consumers reaching out to brands, especially for reporting issues. Being able to view and handle comments and messages left for you on Twitter is now essential for brands who value their social media reputations.

SmartAgent supports both communication methods for all three of these major social networks. Agents using the application can receive and respond to DMs and comments within their desktop view for Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, meaning fast and effective responses are delivered to your customers.

If your contact centre is using SmartAgent, you don’t need another tool to handle customer contact on these specific social networks – simply expand on your omnichannel offering to include social so that alongside voice, chat or email, you have all bases covered within your unified contact centre solution.

SmartAgent: the easy way to omnichannel.

Giving your customers the option of reaching you through these social networks is essential. But giving your agents the ability to handle social contact seamlessly is just as important. 

Managing and responding to social media contact takes agents a few clicks, without any third-party apps required. Direct messages from social media are handled by agents within the application’s chat function, creating a seamless experience when working through text-based contact. Thanks to SmartAgent’s Quick Replies feature, agents can use on-brand, on-message canned responses so they can be confident with handling any type of customer request coming through your social media.

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SmartAgent makes contact handling from any channel simple, due to its user-friendly functionality within a single desktop view. Responding to customers quickly is important for your brand reputation, and SmartAgent’s in-app capabilities mean active agents can get on top of customer requests as soon as they come in.

Once your social media channels have been integrated with your contact centre, your SmartAgent users will be resolving contact with the same simple approach used for any other channel. They’ll be giving a higher standard of customer service and you’ll be offering a more complete omnichannel experience. A better customer experience means happier customers, and ultimately a better brand reputation. 

Social media isn’t going anywhere. Customers are sure to turn to it more frequently when contacting businesses and brands. 

As social media evolves, we will look for new ways to make SmartAgent work with your social channels. Whether it’s new emerging platforms, or changing trends in user behaviour, we’re always focusing on what clients need from an omnichannel experience and building it into our product.

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