The only contact centre solution for SMBs.


Small to medium-sized businesses looking to introduce or upgrade their existing contact centre should look no further than Amazon Connect. The cloud contact centre product from AWS is a simple, affordable option for ambitious businesses, who want to provide excellent customer service and manage their contact centre in a scalable way.

But after settling on a solution like Connect, it can be hard to know how to get started with it. Whether it’s your first attempt at a contact centre, or you’re unsure about jumping from your existing system to AWS, you’ll want to feel confident that Connect is set up correctly for your business before using it to support your customers.

Connected is a unique solution from the AWS & Connect experts at Mission Labs. Designed with an SMB audience in mind, it will give you a best-practice Amazon Connect solution along with SmartAgent, our market-leading desktop product for agents, delivered in a fast and flexible way.

We look at why Connected is the only contact centre solution that any SMB will ever need.

The power of Amazon Connect.

More and more SMBs are turning to CCaaS solutions like Connect for cost-effectiveness, flexibility and to meet constantly changing customer demands.

Connect works on a pay as you consume model. It scales up or down automatically in response to business cycles and peaks with simple, transparent usage-based pricing. This ensures you only pay for what you use, as opposed to provisioning (and paying for) peak requirements, all year round. It is also completely contract-free. This service model allows businesses to maintain sustainable, flexible costs that respond to their changing business needs – ideal for ambitious SMBs in need of a solution that grows with them.

Connect works with over 200 additional AWS cloud products. Whether you want to harness Amazon Polly for turning text into speech, Amazon Kendra for intelligent keyword searching, or Amazon Lex for natural language processing, you can incorporate the best tools that AWS has to offer to build a versatile and equipped contact centre.


The flexibility and capacity of Amazon Connect means you can design a contact centre with the exact attributes you need, updating it as you grow with little effort required. You can craft it based on the customer journeys and experiences that suit your business and configure it using the self-service AWS Console.

All Connected customers receive Amazon Connect, developed and deployed by Mission Labs, who will work closely with your business to ensure you contact centre suits your needs.

A simple solution, set up in no time.

Once you’ve decided on bringing Amazon Connect to your business, you’ll want it delivered as soon as possible.

Our Connected solution offers a hassle-free and fast deployment of Connect and SmartAgent, with 10 configuration days included. This includes set up of:

  • Users
  • IDP
  • Hierarchies
  • Contact flows
  • Queues

And much more…

A summary graphic of how Connected works

The agile teams at Mission Labs work closely with you to configure Connect and the host of AWS tools at our disposal to prepare your solution. Clients will typically be ready to go live with their contact centre after just a few weeks.

Connected is the quickest way to get contact centre-ready, with all the features you need to start supporting customers and see benefits on your business outcomes.

The ultimate desktop application for agents.

Now that you've implemented Connect, you’ll need a tool to deliver the exceptional customer experience you’re looking for.

SmartAgent is the perfect product to sit on top of Amazon Connect. Our agent application expands on the Connect CCP, providing more functionality for users to handle contact faster, easier and more effectively.

A laptop showing SmartAgent and its features

Powered by Amazon Connect, it provides a single pane of glass omnichannel agent desktop with an engaging UI, that helps contact centre operators to reduce costs, improve customer experience, maximise efficiency, and reduce complexity.

Connected clients receive SmartAgent along with Connect, so that your team of agents can give high quality service and handle contact with ease. A powerful tool that agents or supervisors of any experience can quickly pick up, SmartAgent is the perfect app for growing businesses to adopt in their contact centre.

Out of the box features.

SmartAgent comes with a range of in-built features for Connected clients, designed to give immediate improvement to contact handling, including...

  • Desktop with omnichannel contact management
  • Internal messaging and broadcasts
  • Integration with Teams
  • Tools for supervisors (contact search, listen in, wallboards)
  • Quality Assurance module
  • SmartPCI

And plenty more - you can check out the full feature list below!

A complete list of features included with Connected.

Connected by the experts.

Mission Labs have been supporting clients with Amazon Connect and AWS solutions for years. Our SmartAgent application has improved contact centres all over the world, and is continuously iterated and improved by our experienced development teams.

One of the very first UK technology companies to embrace Amazon Connect in early 2017, Mission Labs provides expert AWS capability in the contact centre environment. Mission Labs is an approved Amazon Connect Partner, AWS Consulting Partner and one of Amazon UK’s go-to providers for large scale Amazon Connect implementations.

As well as 10 configuration days upon set up, Connected customers have access to ongoing managed services from Mission Labs. Our team will be on hand to provide expert technical support for Connect and SmartAgent through the week, should you need it, so your solution continues to work for you.

An animation of a man holding a desktop

Connected is simple to arrange, easy to scale and comes with all the features you need for a best practice contact centre. We bring the power of Amazon Connect, the streamlined experience of the SmartAgent application, and a host of features, all delivered in a matter of weeks.

With years of implementing Connect and AWS solutions for small and medium sized businesses, the Mission Labs team are the perfect provider if you’re looking for a cloud contact centre that elevates your business.

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