Meet Madison Bot - Virtual Shopping Assistant.

Contact automation rates over 35% driving increased customer happiness.

About Client.

As a leading eCommerce retailer, PrettyLittleThing understood the importance of providing its customers with an instant way to access the answers to common customer service questions.

We saw a big opportunity to help them streamline their digital customer experience, helping them to operate at the pace they wanted to.

What the client needed?

Handling high volumes of product enquiries, customer service questions and refund requests can lead to increasingly complex user journeys. This usually means unnecessary workload for agents and often delays for customers.

The nature of the online fashion industry is such that customers will often order a large quantity of items and then return some of them. PrettyLittleThing is no exception, and human agents were dealing with regular contact for returns documentation and refunds. With First Contact Resolution a key target for PrettyLittlething they needed to find a more efficient solution, without compromising on customer service.


Agents were finding it difficult to coordinate multiple customer queries via the existing email capture forms. It created long paper trails and manual investigation work.

Chat Systems

A non-intuitive design meant agents could only handle one enquiry at a time and customers had to wait longer than they’d have liked.


Agents had to use several systems to match up customer orders, process returns and consolidate previous contacts.

How we helped.


Contact Centre


Contact Automation

Agent Efficiency

Amazon Connect



We wanted to give PrettyLittlething a streamlined digital platform.

  • one which allowed them to work at pace and scale while keeping on top of the tiny details.
  • which made agents live’s easier
  • which reduced customer waiting time
  • which offered a more integrated experience

Meet Madison Bot your virtual shopping assistant.

We worked with PrettyLittleThing to build a smart chatbot, Madison.

By intelligently automating the most common questions, Madison could retrieve customer information in real time without the need for an agent. We even wrapped PrettyLittleThing’s branding and tone of voice into Madison to deliver consistency with their portfolio of digital channels and experiences.

Madison engages in over 70% of customer contact related to WISMO, returns and refunds.

38% of all contact was successfully deflected without the need for any human involvement and a further 32% of contact was partially assisted before being passed into an agent, helping to save time, improve CSAT, and reduce agent workload significantly.


Where a customer really needs to speak with a human agent, SmartAgent makes that interaction more efficient and user friendly.

Our SmartAgent interface meant that:

  • everything was in a single channel view
  • there was no need for manually pulling data
  • full integration with multiple back office systems

Why they chose Mission Labs.


PrettyLittlething takes pride in being an agile, fast fashion retailer. They needed a partner who could match that pace and ambition when it came to getting stuff done.

Attention to Detail.

From Madison’s tone of voice to frictionless user journeys and contact flows - every small detail mattered.

Customer Centricity.

Consumers are the heart of any retail business. We worked closely with PrettyLittleThing to understand how their customers interacted with them, and used those learnings to fully optimise their digital customer experience.


In a constantly changing and competitive environment, we needed to be agile. We worked closely with PrettyLittlethings customer support teams to continuously improve and iterate upon the service we provided.

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