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Hackney Council.

When you are responsible for ensuring the public are well looked after, communication matters.

About The Client.

Hackney Council receives over 1.6 million calls each year, handling contact relating to a wide variety of queries and issues. They wanted to discover whether transitioning to a cloud based telephony solution with the use of intelligent automation could help to optimise the way they handle these calls, and improve service for their citizens.

What the client needed?

Having previously only ever operated on legacy hardware, they really needed to see:

  • a solution with flexibility and scalability
  • a partner with AWS Public Sector accreditation
  • a team with the vision and skillset to continually develop and implement innovative tech.

How we helped.


Contact Centre


Contact Automation

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Agent Efficiency

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Amazon Connect



Our expertise in working with the public sector meant we understood the challenges faced by Hackney. We agreed to produce a proof of concept for Amazon Connect implementation, focused on the council’s Neighbourhood contact centre team.

The Neighbourhood contact centre deals with all rent and leasehold services, accounting for a high proportion of the overall calls received on a monthly basis.

We planned to seamlessly migrate the Neighbourhood contact centre from its legacy telephony hardware to the cloud, creating integration with Hackney’s customer APIs and designing automated journeys to improve self-service capabilities.

Amazon Connect.

The first step was to successfully migrate the Neighbourhood contact centre from its legacy telephony system to the cloud.

We then worked with Hackney Council to build and implement dynamic contact journeys and added automation for ID&V and self-serve. Careful design consideration for vulnerable customers who were likely to be using these services was key. And if for any reason the caller could not verify themselves using the automated ID&V process they would be connected immediately with an agent.

  • within 1 week of this change, ID&V rates were
  • working in an agile way we continued to refine the solution and saw deflection rates increase to over

Smart Agent.

Once connected, SmartAgent - our omnichannel agent desktop - populated all the relevant customer and account information for the agent handling the call.

Preventing customers from repeating themselves, and reducing the burden of accessing multiple back office systems improved both the agent and customer experience, reducing call handling and queuing times.

By consolidating the caller’s information, and automating the ID&V process:

  • Hackney’s agents had everything they needed in a single view
  • Agents could dedicate more time to complex cases and helping vulnerable customers
  • Hackney Council could see the art of what was possible

Why they chose Mission Labs.

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Hackney Council is a forward-thinking organisation, always looking for ways to continuously improve services. They needed a partner that shared both their vision and approach.

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Hackney needed to work with an expert in data and information security to ensure best-practice implementation to the most stringent security standards.

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With 1.6 million citizens reliant on Hackney’s services, there’s no room for error. As a trusted AWS Public Sector partner, we have the pedigree and experience to handle legacy migrations with confidence, at scale.


When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, the Client needed a partner that could build and deploy a secure, robust and scalable solution quickly, to help keep their retail agents working.

Cloud tech. Digital platforms. Apps. Competitive advantages. We Create them all.

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