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The client has over 700 global contact centre agents supporting thousands of customer interactions per day, across multiple channels.

About the client.

The client is a recognised global leader in the sports-fashion retail market, operating both online and bricks-and-mortar stores the client has 700+ global contact centre agents supporting thousands of customer contact points per day, across multiple channels.

What they needed.

As a consistent innovator in the retail and eCommerce space the client recognised the opportunity to drive improved efficiency across its contact centres, aiming to improve agent engagement and happiness, whilst constantly improving customer experience and reducing contact-related operating costs.

With high volumes of contact for a range of common reasons, there was a clear opportunity to leverage Amazon Connect’s open platform to integrate back-office systems and processes into the customer experience to improve self-service and the potential for multichannel contact deflection.

How we helped.


Contact Centre


Contact Automation

Agent Efficiency

Amazon Connect

By implementing and refining a combination of AWS products including Amazon Connect, Amazon Lex, Amazon Polly, AWS Lambda and Amazon Transcribe, we have helped the client to transform the way they communicate with their customers, reducing Average Handle Time (AHT) by over 40% and leveraging smart, integrated automation and robotics to drive-up customer self-serve capabilities and decrease inbound contact to agents by 24%.

We also deployed our streamlined agent application, SmartAgent, providing all agents with a single pane of glass for every contact channel - including voice, chat & email, whilst integrating SmartAgent with the client’s back-office systems allows us to surface important customer information, order history, support tickets and delivery information for the agent in real-time, as soon as the contact arrives.

As part of our ongoing approach to innovation and improvement we also configured Amazon Translate which allows UK-based, English-speaking agents to Chat with customers from France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden and Finland via real-time chat translation. This has prevented the client from needing to invest in additional contact centres and agents in those markets.

Why they chose Mission Labs.


The Client needed a partner that shared their vision for modern day customer experience, and could provide the technology, know-how and experience to help them bring it to life.


In the incredibly fast-moving retail & ecommerce space, today’s ideas are tomorrow’s norm. The client needed a partner that could build, launch and iterate quickly.


As a constant innovator themselves, the client needed a partner with a reputation and strong track record for product and solution innovation.



Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies need effectively tuning and training to each use case. Mission Labs offers the experience and track record needed for success.

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