Modern Slavery Statement

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Mission Labs does not tolerate any type of modern slavery and human trafficking within our suppl y chains. We are committed to acting ethically and with integrity in our business relationships.

This statement sets out the steps we have taken to understand potential modem slavery and human trafficking risks within our business structure or supply chain, and any steps taken to minimise those risks.

Organisational Structure

Mission Labs is a cloud communications provider specialising in unified communications and customer experience technology. Mission Labs Limited is part of the Gamma group with Gamma Communications plc being our ultimate parent company.

CircleLoop Limited is a dormant subsidiary of Mission Labs Limited. Each company is registered in England and Wales, however only Mission Labs Limited employs staff, leases premises and procures services.

Organisational Policies

All Mission Labs employees are required to produce evidence of their legal right to work in the UK and employment is not offered to anyone under the legal minimum age . Employees are provided with a Staff Handbook on joining Mission Labs which sets out the expectations of all staff in respect ethical behaviour. Staff are encouraged to refer to the Whisteblowing Policy if they have concerns.

Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

We develop our own software products in-house and therefore do not in general rely upon a third-party supply chain to produce the products we sell in our core business. Our supply base tends to be local service providers or multi-national partners that have implemented robust anti-slavery and human trafficking policies (e.g. AWS). We expect our suppliers to have suitable policies and processes in place and a zero-tolerance approach.

For each new supplier, due regard is given to ethical considerations including anti-slavery and human trafficking. The employee responsible for procuring particular goods or services is required to assess the risk of modem slavery and human trafficking as part of any procurement or tender process.

Due lo the nature of our business, we do not currently consider any area of our business operations and supply chain to carry a high risk of modern slavery and human trafficking. Any controls that have been put in place are considered proportionate to the probability of occurrence, severity and the risk and that size and nature of the business. We will however, continue to introduce further measures to improve our ability to assess our supplier's risk profile and supplier due diligence as part of our ongoing anti-slavery and human trafficking strategy.

Effectiveness and Performance Indicators

We have reviewed our supply base and there have been no reported breaches.


Employees are made aware of company policies and are currently required to review these during their induction process. We do not have a specific anti-slavery and human trafficking training programme in place currently, however this will be introduced in the future as part of the ongoing anti-slavery and human trafficking strategy.

For and on behalf of Mission Labs Limited and its subsidiaries.

Director's signature:


Director's name: Damian Hanson

Date: 14/02/2022